The house mouse is a small mouse grayish in color that has protruding black eyes and a seemingly hairless tail, weighing in at typically 2/5 to 4/5 Oz as a full grown adult.
They live in and around homes, farms, commercial facilities and open land in agricultural community areas.
House mice will eat many forms of food, but are particularly fond of grains and seeds.

The deer mouse has a small body size that is no longer than that of a house mouse. The tail length is variable in different populations.
The head has a pointed nose with large, black beady eyes. Deer mice are grayish to reddish brown with typically white underparts.
Deer mice eat a wide variety of plant and animal matter, including insects, other invertebrates, fruits, flowers, nuts and seeds and other plants.

Both house mice and deer mice are generally nocturnal pests meaning they are most active at night.
These pests when left unmanaged can cause significant damage to homes and other structures by gnawing on electrical wires, making holes in walls and nesting in insulation in walls and attics.

The most prominent signs of a mouse infestation is the presence of urine stains and droppings (feces) in and around the home.

Mice may seem to be harmless, but they are known to be carriers of diseases such as in the form of hantavirus.

If you have signs or evidence of mice in your home or place of business contact Rock River Pest Control for a free inspection and detailed plan of action to remove these unwanted guests.

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